Love Story: Letters from the Past

Love Story: Letters from the Past

Love Story letters from the past is a compilation of minigames and romance
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Love Story letters from the past is this fantastic Hidden Object game! Travel back in time and relive a beautiful tale of romance. Mary has received an anonymous package containing love letters that are over 30 years old! Track down the letters and help Mary piece together the wonderful memories of her first husband. Complete fun minigames in Love Story: Letters from the Past to unravel a timeless love story.Love Story: Letters from the Past is a hidden-object game that combines mystery and romance. Featuring a slow-paced, relaxed gameplay, it tells the story of Mary, a woman who has just lost her husband. At home after the funeral, she finds a box with letters from her first boyfriend, a guy who had supposedly died at war. A sudden wind through the window scatters the letters all over the house and it is your task to help Mary collect them to find out the story behind this mystery.

To help Mary find the letters you need to examine every room in the house playing hidden-object games, while collecting special items for her scrapbook. HOG levels are not really hard, and as there's only one mode (untimed) you can sit back and take your time to find the items on the list. In between levels you will find a number of tricky mazes to solve. For some of these puzzles you will need more than a sharp eye; your intuition and memory can be of great help to solve some situations. If you find yourself lost, a heart-shaped box on the left will give you hints on what to do in order to advance, and also to find objects more easily.

What I particularly liked about this game is that you can freely explore the different areas of the house without needing to complete a level. So, if you get bored of a place, you can get out and explore other settings. At times, you will actually need to revisit some scenes in order to pick certain items and complete the level.

Visually, the game is impeccable: it features photorealistic graphics and great cutscenes.

To sum up, this is a game that will appeal to people who like love stories; if this is not your case, you will find the game a bit too sappy and predictable.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great visuals and soundtrack
  • Lots of levels to play
  • Good mini games


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Sappy storyline
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